Fire protection systems

We guarantee you and your team’s safety

In the same way that it is important to ensure your business runs smoothly, it is also essential to ensure the safety of your employees and your infrastructure. To achieve this, in addition to having electrical and ventilation installations that comply with current regulations and take into account the health and safety of the workspace, it is also necessary to have systems in place that can detect fire outbreaks and prevent them from spreading.

At SIMO we design and install fire protection systems tailored to each industry. We also use fireproof materials and ensure at all times that the infrastructure is in perfect condition. Prevention is always the best method of protection.

Fire detection and alarm system

Our team will carry out a study of your company and, based on your business’ characteristics and the space where it is located, will design a system that detects the existence of a fire and that alerts workers to the danger.

Fire extinguishing system

Once a fire is detected, it needs to be put out. SIMO professionals will select the extinguishing system that best suits the needs of your company and that complies with current regulations: automatic sprinklers, gas extinguishers, water mist…

Smoke and gas detection system

Fire is not the only risk that a company can face. Smoke, and in some cases gases, can endanger the health and safety of employees. Having systems capable of detecting this risk is key. At SIMO we help you to install systems that fulfil this purpose.

Evacuation system

Having a proper evacuation system in place is as important as having fire detection and extinguishing systems. Taking into account current legislation and the characteristics of the industrial unit or building, we design and install systems that guarantee the safe evacuation of your workers.

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